Udayan Celebrates 49th Year Milestone

The 49th Birthday of Udayan was celebrated with great gusto on Udayan’s ‘Foundation Day’ on 25th March, 2019, at Udayan in the presence of our beloved Founder, the late Father James Stevens and his wife Lalita.

What was special about this celebration was that, Udayan’s newly formed Children’s Cultural Club planned and organised the entire event on their own, with a little help from House Mothers and House Brothers.

The girls gave a praiseworthy performance of songs and dances, whilst the boys did an excellent job at performing various kinds of yoga poses and Pyramid, in front of well-wishers, staff, and community.

The day also marked a very important milestone as we now ‘step into our 50th Year’ and a social media campaign was launched, #Steppingto50 to highlight this big, upcoming event and reflect on key moments over the last 50 years.

Udayan are now in the process of planning their 50th Anniversary ‘Golden’ celebrations in 2020, with both staff and Governing Body members ideating for a fitting program of activities to mark the occasion.