Who City of Joy Aid, UK support


A home for children affected by leprosy founded by James Stevens in 1970 in Barrackpore, 40 kms from Kolkata.

Because Udayan was founded by an Englishman City of Joy Aid, UK has a particularly close relationship with the home and the 300 or so children who are cared for there are a special focus for the United Kingdom’s support.

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It is also possible to support any of the following through City of Joy Aid, UK:

Asha Bhavan Centre

House of Hope for children with disabilites, founded in 1999 in Belari by Sukeshi Barui, now incorporating the “Dominique Lapierre Centre of Excellence for the Disabled” in Kathila, 60 kms from Kolkata.


An Interreligious Centre of Development and community for the poorest and most neglected, founded in 2000 by Gaston Dayanand in Uluberia, 60kms from Kolkata.

Southern Health Improvement Samity

A Non Governmental Organisation specialising in the eradication of tuberculosis, founded in 1980 by Mohamed Wohab and Sabitri Pal, with a dozen sub-centres in the Ganges Delta area maintained with the support of four dispensary boats.