Udayan Update – Easter 2023

This Easter, Udayan has kindly shared an update with City of Joy Aid, UK and its donors. On behalf of Udayan and City of Joy Aid, UK thank you for your continued support to the poorest of the poor.

Udayan Vidyalaya currently has 136 children from KG to Class IV and the remaining 134 children go to nearby Government schools for Classes V to XII.

City of Joy Aid, UK donors have enabled us to provide quality medical services for the children. The 8 bedded Fred Kahl Health Centre for Boys and 6 bedded Fred Kahl Health Facility for Girls helped the children during an outbreak of chicken pox after their 2022 summer holiday. The isolation treatment protected the rest of the children. Dr Arpan Saha (paediatrician) and Dr Sucheta Biswas (gynaecologist) visit weekly to check all the children individually and prescribe medicines as needed. The nurse and paramedical worker provide medicine for the children and regularly monitor their Body Mass Index by measuring height & weight. Altogether 64 children have benefitted from the health facility in the financial year 2022-23, for the treatment of seasonal fevers, ear infections, skin diseases and other minor illness.

5 children with Paucibacillary (a single white patch on the skin) & Multibacillary (multiple Patches on Body) Leprosy receive Multi Drug Therapy treatment on a regular basis. They are also given a special diet with additional health drinks and milk.  Yearly camps for eye check-ups, ENT and skin screening for leprosy are conducted at Udayan. Udayan also organized a rally on World Leprosy day.

Special thanks are due to Sjoerd Leenart and City of Joy Aid, UK for the installation of solar panels on the Fred Kahl Health Centre. The refrigerator in the facility can now store medicines & ampoules for emergencies, sick children have some relief from the heat in summer and items can be properly sterilized with the help of uninterrupted electricity. The electricity cost of Udayan has also been reduced thanks to optimum utilization of solar panel.

The new aluminium shutters & windows in Udayan Vidyalaya protected children during the cold windy months from November to January. The tightly closed windows helped them to keep warm. The windows and shutter also prevent the entrance of insects and reptiles in the classrooms during rainy season. The classrooms are now safer and cleaner.